Big Star LED products are backed by quality, reliable, and efficient services for total peace of mind and maximum customer satisfaction.

The following is a list of our services:

1. Application Consultation

We provide advice and guidance on how to use LED displays in various settings, such as advertising, entertainment, sports, and transportation. Consultation includes recommendation of suitable LED display types, installation techniques, and maintenance procedures. We promise the most effective and efficient LED display solution for specific needs and ensure optimal performance and longevity of a product.

2. Sales Knowledge

The service includes training on the features and benefits of various LED display types, as well as their technical specifications and applications. Sales professionals can use this knowledge to better communicate with customers and recommend the most suitable LED display product based on their needs and budget. The goal is to increase sales and customer satisfaction by providing accurate and relevant information about LED display products.

3. After-sales service

This involves diagnosing and fixing issues with LED displays, such as malfunctioning pixels, dead spots, or damaged circuitry. We use specialized tools and equipment to identify and repair the problem, which may involve replacing damaged components or reprogramming the display. We ensure to restore the functionality and performance of the LED display product to its original state.

We deliver training sessions to users and operators of the LED display product, teaching them how to use it effectively and efficiently. The training may cover topics such as software applications, troubleshooting, and best practices for display performance.

At the same time, we can also arrange and dispatch professional maintenance engineers on-site guidance and maintenance of LED display products.