Congratulations to Bigstar for participating in the very successful Isle event of 2024

Column:Industry information Time:2024-03-03

          At Isle 2024, Bigstar showcases l's latest indoor and outdoor rental products, ultra-bright outdoor displays, indoor displays that can be splintered 

arbitrarily, and ultra-refined series of COB displays


      Entering Bigstar's booth, what catches our eye is our outdoor rental curved LED display screen. Its ultra rich color has attracted the attention of 

many partners, and its dazzling colors are born for the stage



        Walking into bigstar's booth, it is a fine color, all black and white consistency is very high FHD1.25 inverted COB, its perfection is favored by middle 

and high-end customers.


     This was followed by our indoor rental display RS series, designed for indoor performance stages, which attracted the attention of the audience with its 

rich colors and light weight.


Then we see our casual splicing, very creative indoor FC series display, its cabinet size to module size as a unit, can be spliced into any shape, with excellent plasticity.


With ultra-high brightness >11000nits outdoor fixed display FO series alone corner, but attracted the amazing eyes of the whole audience.


Thank you for meeting us and look forward to our cooperation.